Download film axl 2018 subtitle indonesia download movie

Download film axl 2018 subtitle indonesia download movie

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The life of a teenage boy is forever changed by the chance of meeting with cutting edge military technology. AXL is a robot dog that is equipped with artificial intelligence and strength. This dog was developed by the military. Very sophisticated dog. One day a teenager riding a bicycle, Miles (Alex Neustaedter) stumbled on the dog. AXL, even though it is a robot, but it develops emotions like a real dog. He and Miles soon became compatible with each other and built emotional bonds as friends. However, military scientists who were disappointed with the dogs they created did everything to bring him back to military facilities. This dog was developed as a weapon, not for human friends. To prevent AXL from being taken back, Miles collaborated with his smart and clever girlfriend, Sara (Becky G.), to protect their best friend in an epic adventure that had never been imagined before.

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  1. gan ini kok gambarnya pada broken gan, klo ga broken enak nih dibaca, klo agan mau rekomendasi tempat download film terbaru bisa klik aja ya gan thanks ya


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