Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 Full Version

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 Full Version


Web Development Indonesia - Want to combine several photos into a cool video but do not master the science of video editing? Relax, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 can be your solution. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 Full Version is software that works to create and edit videos. This software has a display that is not too complicated like most video editing software, so it will not confuse users, hehe. Corel Video Studio Ultimate X8 also has a Capture feature, which allows you to record directly through a webcam and then be able to directly edit it.



Note: Each download link has 3 servers, just select one server.

How to Install:

  1. Download Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 (according to your Windows system) and the patch via the link above
  2. Extract the file that you downloaded earlier with WinRAR
  3. Make sure your PC is not connected to the internet
  4. Run the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 installer
  5. When told to enter Serial, open the Keygen folder then run Keygen.exe as Run as Administrator
  6. Select Corel VideoStudio Pro X8 v18.0, a Serial will appear on the Keygen
  7. Type the serial that appeared earlier in the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 installer> Next
  8. Wait until the installation is complete, then run the software
  9. Done!

Still confused? See the following video tutorial:

May be useful :)
Regards, Admin - Aditya Eka
Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 Full Version

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